Sri Pingali Venkayya Garu is also Know as Diamond Venkayya , Patti Venkayya (Cotton Venkayya). Born on August 2, 1876 to Hanumantharayudu and Venkataratnamma at Bhatlapennumaru in the Divi taluk in Krishna district Andhra Pradesh.
Pingali spent most of his time researching staple varieties of crops and came up with a study on a special variety called Cambodia Cotton. With the British rulers taking notice of his study, Pingali came to be known as Patti Venkayya (literally ‘Cotton Venkayya’).He was immensely knowledgeable in geology and obtained a doctorate in it. He was an authority on diamond mining in Andhra Pradesh and was popularly known as ‘Diamond Venkayya’. Returning to Masulipatnam, he spent 5 years 1916-21 researching flags of 30 countries and finally came up with the present tricolor. However, the flag of the Vandmataram movement is sometimes thought to be the antecedent of Venkayya’s tricolor.
. He, however, died in poverty on 4 july 1963 and was largely forgotten by the society and by his own party, the Congress.” A postage stamp was issued to commemorate him in 2009 and in 2011 it was proposed that he be posthumously awarded the Bharat Ratna.