Even though the world got introduced to the computer technology in late forties, India bought its first computer in 1956 for a princely sum of Rs 10 lakh. It was called HEC-2M and was installed at Calcutta’s Indian Statistical Institute. It was nothing more than a number crunching machine and was huge in size. The dimensions of this monster were 10 ft in length, 7 ft in breadth and 6 ft in height. It played a critical role in formulating annual and five-year plans by the planning commission, and in top-secret projects of India’s nuclear program. Moreover, it went on to turn out India’s first generation of computer professionals. It was at least ten thousand times slower in solving even simple problems than today’s machines. But it set the stage for the development of computers in India.

Source: http://www.vigyanprasar.gov.in/Radioserials/Computer%20Technology%20in%20India.pdf