In 1986 during the Mizo National Front insurgency where Laldenga’s army was holding the Indian state to ransom, an Indian spy penetrated the Mizo National Army and won over six of the seven closest aides of Laldenga. The core of the insurgency group now breached, Laldenga had to sign the peace accord and surrender. The spy who spent most of the time incognito in the Mizo army was later identified as Ajit Doval.

The 1968 batch of the Indian Police Services produced India’s sharpest mind. Doval was born in Uttrakhand and received his education at the Ajmer Military School. He graduated with a master’s degree in Economics from the University of Agra in 1967 by securing first position.

Ajit Doval is a master of disguise. He was embedded in Pakistan for almost seven years as an undercover agent in Lahore. His on-field expertise inside enemy territory is unparalleled. No spymaster before him was known to carry out precision tasks and missions so meticulously.

One of the most intriguing missions in which Ajit Doval played a crucial role was Operation Blue Star. Ajit Doval disguised as a rickshaw puller outside the Golden temple and convinced the guards that he was an ISI agent. He became an integral part of the Khalistani militant’s internal group and passed on vital information outsideto IB which saved a lot of lives during the operation.

Ajit Doval also spent seven years in Pakistan undercover as a Pakistani Muslim and is said be an expert in Urdu language. His presence in the Indian government evokes such fear in Pakistan ISI that they had to shift Dawood Ibrahim to the distant Afghan-Pakistan border. It is a well known fact that Ajit Doval almost got Dawood Ibrahim but a leak in the Mumbai Police let him escape.

Ajit Doval is also credited with persuading militants like Kuka Parray to neutralize insurgents and set the way for state elections in Jammu and Kashmir in 1996. Ajit Doval is the only IPS officer to be honored with the Kirti Chakra.

He is known as one of the most aggressive commentators and strategist while dealing with Pakistan. In a speech which went viral Doval is heard saying this, “If you do another Mumbai, you will lose Balochistan”. You can watch the full speech below.

Doval is no doubt a powerful figure in India but he is also considered to be one of the most dreaded operations man in South-East Asia. Former Sri Lankan president Rajapaksa was at the target of Ajit Doval for playing the China card against India. He unexpectedly lost the elections and his presidency to Maithripala Sirisena.

India’s security establishment has recovered from a mild slumber since Doval took over as NSA and if his efforts in policy making succeed then India might become a safer place where incidents such as the Mumbai attacks will be ancient history and the country will become much more peaceful.

Image source:Wikipedia