Jhumri Telaiya is a city in the Koderma District of Jharkhand, India. It is situated in the Damodar Valley.

Jhumri Telaiya was once a major mica mining centre. While laying a railroad through Koderma in the 1890s, the British first discovered vast mica deposits in the region.

Originally a little-known town, Jhumri Telaiya became famous in India in 1957 owing to its connection with Vividh Bharati, a nationally broadcast radio service of the All India Radio. The largest number of requests for film songs addressed to the channel came from Jhumri Telaiya. Young listeners from the town would compete among themselves to send out the most song requests in a day or month. Vividh Bharati Radio listeners thus became familiar with the town of Jhumri Telaiya. Listeners Rameshwar Bernwal and Nandlal Sinha of Vividh Bharti used to doubt the existence of such a village, and thus the “Jhumri Talaiya” came to be associated with any less-known or insignificant place.

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