On a fine morning of December 18, 2012, precisely at 11:25 AM, people of Jodhpur, India were startled by a deafening sound that appeared out of nowhere in the sky. The sound resembled the sound caused by a jet plane crossing the speed of sound. This phenomenon is known as sonic boom but the problem with Jodhpur Boom was that the sound was far more profound and deafening.

While the sound sounded like a massive explosion, what really added to the panic wave that struck the people of Jodhpur was the thought of Earth coming to an end as per the Mayan Calendar which predicted that Earth will be destroyed in 2012.

Rumors quickly spread that the sound was an outcome of a sonic boom caused by a new breed of aircrafts tested by the Air Force or perhaps it was caused by an explosion in the ammunition storehouse of the nearby army area. Army personnel however declined the possibility of ammunition explosion.

Col SD Goswami – defense spokesperson openly said that the sound was not an outcome of any explosion. He went on saying that sonic boom caused by testing aircrafts was also not a possibility because sonic boom is completely forbidden in township areas. He explained that when an object travels through air at a speed greater than that of sound, an enormous amount of sound energy is released which sounds very much like an explosion but since sonic booms in township areas are capable of inflicting enormous property damage such as crumbling of window panes, sonic booms are always tested at least 60 kilometers outside the town areas where there is no population.

While no explanation has been found for this sudden deafening Jodhpur Boom that appeared out of nowhere crashing in the sky, it was not a singular incident. These sounds or booms were actually taking place all over the world including USA and UK. Geologists reported that the seismic readings during the booms were unlike anything ever recorded before. What caused these booms? This question isn’t going to be answered anytime soon and we can only hope that someday we get to know the cause and source.