The Kerala laughingthrush  is a species of laughingthrush endemic to the hills of the Western Ghats south of the Palghat Gap in Southern India. Found in the high montane forests, this grey bibbed, rufous bellied bird with a prominent dark eyestripe and broad white brow was grouped along with the grey-breasted subspecies of the black-chinned laughingthrush and known as the grey-breasted laughingthrush. The nominate subspecies is found in the Palni Hills and meridionale with a shorter white brow is found in the high hills south of the Achankovil Gap.

This species has a dark grey-brown crown and narrow dark grey eyestripe with a broad white supercilium above it. This supercilium extends behind the eye in the nominate subspecies but stops above the eye in subspecies meridionale. The throat is distinctly grey unlike in the black-chinned laughingthrush found north of the Palghat Gap and continues into the upper breast. The grey of the upper breast is faintly streaked in brown. The lower breast and belly is rusty brown and the upper parts are olive brown. The bill is browner and not as dark grey as in the black-chinned. The subspecies meridionale has greyer upper plumage, paler crown and the centre of the belly is white with chestnut brown on the flanks and vent. The iris is dark red or red-brown. The sexes are indistinguishable in the field.

This species is restricted south of the Palghat Gap with the main distribution range in the higher regions (above 1,100 metres (3,600 ft)) of the Palani Hills extending into the Annamalai Hills in western Tamil Nadu and Munnar in Kerala.