Mr Kalyana Sundaram, who has done some extraordinary and selfless work in the society.“Man of the Millennium”, Mr Kalyana Sundaram runs a Charitable Trust called Palam (Bridge) – A connection between the donation from the affluent and ones who need it. Mr.Kalyana Sundaram has donated his entire salary from first day of starting his job as librarian till last day of his service (including the Rs 10 lakhs/ Rs 1,000,000 pension money) to charitable causes. He worked as waiter/cleaner in a local restaurant to sustain his simple daily life.He is bachelor and has dedicated his life to serve society.
He was born in a tiny village of Melakaruvelangulam in Nangunari taluk in Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu . This tiny village did not even have the basic facilities such as a primary school, medical facility or electricity.
When the India China war broke out in 1963, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru made a public request on radio for people to donate to the National Defense Fund. Mr Kalyana Sundaram was a student in the Madras University was moved but had very little to spare and so he gave away his gold chain weighing 65 grams.

Mr Rajinikanth announced Mr Kalyana Sundaram to be his adopted Father. He and his wife Latha invited him to stay with them forever, but Mr Kalyana Sundaram requested them to let him go since he felt  there were people who needed him.