Dumas Beach is an urban beach along the Arabian Sea located 21 km South west of Surat City in Indian state of Gujarat . This area has been reported numerous of times for it’s paranormal activity. People have experiences with hearing strange whispers on the beach.

It’s like the wind around this area is full of spirits of dead people. This beach is famous for its black sand. It is a popular tourist destination in south Gujarat. It is one of the most haunted places in India. 

Hindus have a tradition of burning dead on the beach, plus spirits tend to be found more at places which are windy, and Dumas Beach is one of them. Especially at night, if you are walking towards the ocean, you’ll hear noises in the wind which’ll tell you not to go forward and go back. 
A number of tourists have been known to have disppeared while taking walks on the beach at night.

Dogs, who have a slightly wider spectrum to notice paranormal phenomena, behave weirdly around the ocean here, and cry at night. Many have been chased by dogs here, but locals say they are just running away from something else. 

The reality remains hidden behind a mist of superstitions and beliefs of people. Whatever the true story might be, the numerous incidences pertaining to the strange activities on the beach never stop and continue to haunt the imaginations of many. 

Several people have declared it a myth far from reality while even more stress on all the stories being real.