India has declared Ganga Dolphin as the National Aquatic Animal of India. The Gange River Dolphin is a rare species of dolphins found only in Indian and neighbor countries. Dolphins are amongst one of the oldest creatures in the world along with some species of turtles, crocodiles and sharks. They share their habitat with crocodiles, fresh water turtles and wetland birds. Dolphin inhabited rivers are The Sacred river Ganga, Chambal, Gandak and the Brahmaputra River from the Assam-Arunachal Pradesh border to India-Bangladesh border.
There are fewer than 2000 Ganges river dolphins left in India. These fresh water cetacean mostly distributed in gange and brahmaputra river. River dolphins have the long, pointed nose, river dolphins are nearly blind, They rely on sound and echolocation to navigate and communicate.
If anyone kills the Dolphin, or if any one having the body parts of Dolphin, will be treated as crime they will be punished.