Nazu festival is celebrated with lot of pomp and show by the Pochury tribe of Nagaland. This Nagaland festival continues for 10 days and is held in the month February. This festival is very significant in the tribal communities as it is observed prior to the sowing of seeds for the year. The mood of the festival is more amusing and recreational than ritualistic. The venue for the Festival is at Phek in Nagaland. While celebrating the Nazu Festival, the tribal folks completely soak themselves in the festive mood

During the Nazu festival various forms of songs and dances are performed by the people of Pochury tribe. The women folk of the Pochury tribe performe the Khupielilie dance. The dancers dress themselves in Ascunyi (Ribbon like head dress), Akhi (Armlet), Kiileniinyi (Long mekhala wrapped from the chest to the calf), Achulhre (worn round the waist), Akhusa (Bangle worn on forearm) and Asker (necklaces). The Khupielilie dancers move their hands and legs in harmony with the rhythm of the songs on the different tunes and beats.