The famous “Pachranga” pickle brand of Panipat, owned by the Dhingra family.

Panipat is famous for its pickles and there are about 15-20 pickles factories, having an annual turnover of Rs 25-30 crore. There are more than 100 shops on both sides of National Highway 1, selling the world famous “Pachranga Achar”. The presence of so many shops, each claiming to be the real one, puts the customer in a fix.

The brand Pachranga has its roots in Kaloorkot village in Mianwali district in Pakistan and came into existence in 1935, where Murli Dhar Dhingra created the brand Pachranga, which became a name synonymous with pickles, chutneys and murabbas. Asa Nand Dhingra brought the family business to India in 1943.

In 1996, another setup Murliwala Foods under Pachranga banner was established in Agra.