Haathi Chaap is a brand of paper manufactured in Rajasthan, India, out of elephant dung. The name comes from ‘Haathi’, meaning ‘Elephant’ in Hindi and ‘Chaap’ which means ‘press’ or ‘imprint’. Elephant dung paper was probably first made in Thailand. Other than in India, elephant dung paper is also being manufactured in Sri Lanka and South Africa.

Haathi Chaap was founded in Delhi by entrepreneur Mahima Mehra and her business partner Vijendra Shekhawat in 2003. For the first four years, they exported their paper to Germany. In 2007, it was launched in India.

The cleaning of the dung is one of the most important processes. The dung is washed thoroughly with water in large water tanks. The water of the dung is used as fertilizers in the field, and the dung is dried up and used to manufacture paper.

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