Meet the Kulkarnis: India’s tallest family with a combined height of 26ft hope to set a new world record.
Family is so tall they never use public transport and ride scooters instead
Sharad Kulkarni, 52, is 7ft 1.5ins tall and his wife Sanjot, 46, is 6ft 2.6ins tall
Their daughters are both over 6ft and want to be models.
Kulkarni’s live in pune, north India.
Mr and Mrs Kulkarni were crowned India’s tallest couple by their country’s Limca Book of Records after they married in 1989.

Their house has been adapted to meet their needs – they had to change all the door frames from 6ft to 8ft high.
They have customised their furniture including beds, wardrobes, kitchen shelves, and even the height of the toilet.