Idli is a traditional breakfast in Indian households. Idli is a savoury cake that is popular throughout India. The cakes are usually two to three inches in diameter and are made by steaming a batter consisting of fermented black lentils (de-husked) and rice. The fermentation process breaks down the starches so that they are more readily metabolized by the body.

Types of Idlis:

1. Sanna – Variant of Idli, popular amongst the Goans and other Konkani people. These are spongy steamed savoury rice cakes

2. Enduri Pitha – Variant of Idli, popular in Odisha.

3. Tatte idli – plate sized variant of Idli from Karnataka

4. Muday idli – a Mangalorean variant of idli.

5. Button idli or Bullet idli – This usually contains fourteen idlis and is therefore called “fourteen idli”. However this name came from floating idli. These are small idlis


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