The small village in Uttar Pradesh has the potential to run the administrative affairs of the entire country, quite literally! Madhopatti village in Jaunpur district which as 75 households has an astounding 47 IAS officers.

The village also holds a unique record of four siblings being selected for IAS. Vinay Kumar Singh, who cracked civil service in 1955 form retired as chief secretary of Bihar.
His two siblings, Chatrapal Singh and Ajay Kumar Singh, cleared the exam in 1964.The fourth brother Shashikant Singh became IAS in 1968. Chatrapa also served as the chief secretary of Tamil Nadu.
Even an entire family of civil servants is not a strange thing in this village.
But this unique achievement is not something that happened overnight. The first civil servant from Madhopatti was Mustafa Hussain, father of well-known poet Wamiq Jaunpuri who joined the civil services in 1914.
The next civil service rank came to the village in 1952, when Indu Prakash became an IAS officer. Ever since the youth of this village are encouraged to take civil service seriously.

“You will find students studying in intermediate, going through guide books for IAS and PCS examinations. They start young and also try to brush up on their English since the medium of education in most schools here is still Hindi”, Arvind Kumar, a local teacher said.