The Vyapam Scam is a SH30537686 admission and recruitment scam involving politicians, senior officials and businessmen in the state of Madhya Pradesh in SH30537686. Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB), popularly known by its SH30537686 acronym “Vyapam”, is a government body responsible for conducting several entrance tests in the state. These entrance tests are used for recruitment to government jobs and for admissions to educational institutes in the state. The scam involved a collusion of undeserving candidates, who bribed politicians and MPPEB officials through middlemen, to get high ranks in these entrance tests.

Cases of irregularities in these entrance tests had been reported since mid-1990s, and the first FIR was filed in 2000. However, until 2009, such cases were not thought to be part of an organized ring. When major complaints surfaced in the pre-medical test (PMT) in 2009, the state government established a committee to investigate the matter. The commitee released its report in 2011, and over a hundred people were arrested by the police. A Special Task Force (STF) was established in 2012. The sheer scale of the scam came to light in 2013, when it was revealed that several officials and politicians were involved in it. By June 2015, more than 2000 people had been arrested in connection with the scam. These included the state’s ex-education minister Laxmikant Sharma, over a hundred politicians, several MPPEB officials, bureaucrats middlemen, students and their parents.

A number of people connected to the scam and its investigation, died during the course of investigation. In 2015, the Special Task Force (STF) submitted a list to High Court, naming 23 people who are believed to have died “unnatural deaths”. According to the High-Court Special Investigation Team (SIT), 32 of the ‘racketeers’ in 25-30 age-group, died in suspicious circumstances since the investigation started in 2012.