Shifuji is the founder, Successor, Great Grandmaster & founder of Indian warrior monks tradition. He is also the founder and father of Mission Prahar-Sashakt Hi Surakshit, Mission Prachand Bharat, Mission Meri Mitti. He is An ardent disciple of Shri Shri Yoga Siromani Shiv Shankar ji “DADU” & Legend Grandmaster Shi De Yang (The Supper Great Grand Master of Shaolin Temple China).

He has been guided by Great Guruji “NAGA MAHALAAL BABAJI ” Aghori Awadhoo in hidden energies and spiritualism.

His disciplined journey started under the precious guidance of his parents( MAA-BABUJI) ,He was Introduced to the world of self-discipline and self-realisation in his childhood only,his first master was late Sensai Khem Bahadur Gurung ( A legend Gorkha fighter ).

With the training of some fighting styles he started practicing hath yoga very early and before crossing the teenage he became a successful hat yoga guru,Yogacharya and Hathyogi later his disciples won the National titles like Mr.India & Miss India, Bharat Yogasana Samrath, Bharat Artistic Yoga Samrath, Bharat Yogasana Samragyini and reached to the highest categories of hath yog & klishtha yog.

Special Commando Trainer of The Hawk commandos, Special armed forces, Counter terrorist group, Special task force & Anti terrorist squad he trains them in Jungle warfare system, Extreme survival tactics, Guerrilla warfare system, his own Invented Shatru Vinashak killing Skills,weapons & tactics, Extreme Military Martial Arts, Special modified Close quarter battle & Snippers tactics.

  • World’s Best Commando Trainer since 2008 till date.
  • Brand Ambassador of Madhya Pradesh state
  • Special Commando Trainer of The Hawk Commandos, Special Armed Forces, Counter Terrorist Group, Special Task Force & Anti Terrorist Squad.
  • The Inventor of Shatru Vinashak Killing Skills, Extreme Urban warfare & Military Martial Arts and Special modified Close Quarter Battle & Special Commandos VIP Protection skills of the Elite Special Forces.
  • Special Anti Urban Terrorist Tactics Instructor for Mumbai Police after 26/11-terror attack.
  • Special Mentor for the Mumbai QRT Commandos.
  • Grandmaster-Headmaster-Successor & Founder of Indian warrior monks tradition.
  • Special Commando Trainer for Combatants of the Army’s Fighting Regiment.
  • Founder of Mission Prahar. His target is to train at least a crore women in self defense and he has already trained lakhs of women in rural India.
  • Kallari Guru ( Master of Kallaripayatt The World’s oldest & Indian martial arts,Kerala)
  • Gurukul Hat Yogacharya & Guru of MR.& Miss India.
  • Mentor of few top Action movies, Celebrities, Stars & top Stunt men.