Rajbhog restaurant in Bengaluru serves a gold-plated dosa, which is priced at a Rs. 1,011.

“I wanted to do something in restaurant business, so I thought why can’t we do something different, so when I once saw in a television channel that they are using gold foils for pizzas and ice creams, which cost 1000 dollars, thought why can’t we get this to Bangalore and use it on something else?” said Chandan Lokesh, owner of the restaurant.

Priced at an exorbitant rate, the dish is roasted crisp with a hint of olive oil and has a filling of mashed potatoes, in addition to the gold foil for the finishing touch.

The restaurant also serves a dosa covered with a silver foil, at an affordable price of Rs. 151.

The owners have planned to patent the gold dosa.

source: http://food.ndtv.com/food-drinks/gold-plated-dosa-in-bangalore-a-huge-hit-692459