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State tree of meghalaya

Gmelina arborea, (in English beechwood, gmelina, goomar teak, Kashmir tree, Malay beechwood, white teak, yemane), locally known as gamhar, is a fast-growing deciduous tree, occurring naturally throughout greater part of India at altitudes up to 1,500 meters. It also occurs… Continue Reading →

Parents at age of 70

Meet ‘miracle baby’ Arman Indian couple Mohinder Singh Gill, 79, and Daljinder Kaur, 70, welcomed their newborn baby boy named Arman on April 19, 2016 Daljinder Kaur gave birth to Arman following two years of IVF treatment at a fertility… Continue Reading →

Bombay Blood Group

The h/h blood group, also known as Oh or the Bombay blood group, is a rare blood type. This blood phenotype was first discovered in Bombay, now Mumbai, by Dr. Y. M. Bhende in 1952. This very rare phenotype is… Continue Reading →

Blood group type distribution

Blood group B has its highest frequency in Northern India and neighboring Central Asia, and its incidence diminishes both towards the west and the east, falling to single digit percentages in Spain. It is believed to have been entirely absent… Continue Reading →

Diabetes mellitus in India

Diabetes is fast gaining the status of a potential epidemic in India with more than 62 million diabetic individuals currently diagnosed with the disease. In 2000, India (31.7 million) topped the world with the highest number of people with diabetes… Continue Reading →

India’s First Heart Transplant

K. M. Cherian is a leading Indian heart surgeon who has pioneered new treatments, founded new hospitals and earned an international reputation. He is the founding chairman of Frontier Lifeline in Chennai, and the Dr K M Cherian Heart Foundation…. Continue Reading →

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