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Oldest stepwell in India

The Chand Baori is a stepwell built over a thousand years ago in the Abhaneri village of Rajasthan. It is one of the largest stepwells in the world and also one of the most beautiful ones. Located in the eastern… Continue Reading →

Dal baati

Dal Baati is an Indian dish comprising dal  and baati .It is popular in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh (especially in Braj, Nimar and Malwa regions). Dal is basically prepared using tuvaar dal, Chana dal(prepared by removing skin of… Continue Reading →

Gypsy tribe in India celebrates death

Contrary to the usual norm of life, one gypsy tribe from Rajasthan actually rejoice and revel in deaths in their family counting them as one of the happiest events in their lives while treating births as occasions of great grief…. Continue Reading →

Lost River

Saraswati in Hindu mythology is the river after which the Goddess of learning and knowledge is named. Scholars, archeologists as well as researchers believe that this mighty river rose in the Yamdhar Glacier in the Himalayas, barely five kilometers from… Continue Reading →

The great wall of India

The wall that surrounds the ancient fort of Kumbhalgarh is one of the best-kept secrets in India, and perhaps the world. Protecting a massive fort that contains over 300 ancient temples, the wall was constructed half a millennium ago in… Continue Reading →


Basoda is the festival that comes after the festival of colors, Holi. It is usually celebrated after 8 days of Holi. However, some families or communities celebrate it on the first monday or thursday after the Holi. Basoda is the… Continue Reading →

First women coolie

A 33-year-old widow has chosen the male-dominated profession of a railway coolie, becoming the first woman porter in Rajasthan. Manju Devi, a mother of three, was earlier a home-maker and decided to become a coolie after the death of her… Continue Reading →

Khejri-state tree of Rajasthan

Khejri (Prosopis cineraria) covers about two-thirds of the total geographical area of the State and and is of immense significance culturally and economically. The tree supports rural economy like no other wild vegetation does. The fruit of the tree is… Continue Reading →

Bullet Baba Temple

Rajasthan is well and truly the land of wonders. Here every nook and corner can throw a surprise. One such is village Chotila, in the Pali district adjoining Jodhpur. Here a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle is worshipped as the presiding… Continue Reading →

The Ghost Town

Rajasthan displays a picture of mystifying desert kingdom with many glorious forts, palaces and villages. Apart from this, Rajasthan has a marvellous history, culture, and legacy. This state has many renowned tourist places. But one more thing can be added… Continue Reading →

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