Rajasthan is well and truly the land of wonders. Here every nook and corner can throw a surprise. One such is village Chotila, in the Pali district adjoining Jodhpur. Here a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle is worshipped as the presiding deity of a temple, or rather a memorial.
Legend has it that once a simpleton froma neighbouring village, Om Banna, was cruising on his Bullet and he met with an accident between Jodhpur and Nagaur. His bike hit a tree and he died on the spot.
The bike was impounded and taken to the police station, only to return to the accident spot in the dark of the night. Cops tried all that they could to stop the bike — they chained it at the police station, emptied the fuel tank — but to no avail. No matter what they did Om Bana’s Bullet returned to the accident site in the dead of the night.
The news spread and people from villages in the area built a memorial — a temple to worship the Bullet motorcycle.
This temple is known as “Bullet Baba’s temple” and commoners believe that even after his death Om Banna helps distressed passers-by. Travellers who pass by stop for a while to bow their heads at Bullet Baba’s feet.