The city of Ahmedabad is popular for the Kite Festival so it doesn’t come as a surprise if you find an entire museum dedicated to kites. The popular Kite Museum that houses some of the rarest kites in the world is a first of its kind in India and second in the world.

Situated at a Sanskar Kendra in Paldi area of Ahmedabad, the Kite Museum is a brainchild of one Mr Bhanu Shah who donated his own collection of rare kites to Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and corporation arranged for a permanent place for the Kite Museum in the cellar of Sanskar Kendra.

Established in 1985, with some of the rare collections of kites, which Mr Shah had collected over a period of fifty years, the Kite Museum, today boasts of huge kites that measure around 22 by 16feet, along with kites that depict garba dance sequences, kites with mirror work and even block prints. Interestingly the museum also houses some miniature paintings of Radha-Krishna.

Come and marvel at the kites that have been crafted using various different materials like polythene, nylon, cotton, and paper. You will also find Rokoku – the hexagonal Japanese kites – on display in the museum.

The museum is a must-visit for kite aficionados and for kite history enthusiasts. Enjoy catching a glimpse of some of the rare kites collected from all over the world.

The major highlight of the museum is a kite that has been crafted using 400 pieces of paper.