Polyandry in India refers to the historical practice of polyandry, whereby a woman has two or more husbands at the same time, on the Indian subcontinent or the current practice of polyandry in the country India. The popular Hindu epic Mahabharatha provides the first striking example: Draupadi, daughter of king of Panchala, married to five brothers.

Polyandry was mainly prevalent in the Kinnaur Region a part of Himachal in India which is close to the Tibet or currently the Indo-China border.

Apart from Kinnaur, Polyandry was practised in south India among the Todas tribes of Nilgiris, Nairs of Travancore and Ezhavas of Malabar. While polyandrous unions have disappeared from the traditions of many of the groups and tribes, it is still practiced by some Paharis especially in Jaunsar Bawar region in Northern India.

Recent years, have seen the rise in fraternal polyandry in the agrarian societies in Malwa region of Punjab to avoid division of farming land.

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