The 11-year-old Indian prodigy R Praggnanandhaa from Tamil Nadu, who is coached by Olympian RB Ramesh, showed Axel Bachmann of Paraguay why he is the youngest ever International Master (IM) in the world.

At the Masters’ section of the Isle of Man chess championships held at Villa Marina , he displayed a clinical exhibition of swift attack with the black pieces. In just 18 moves, he compelled one of the best players in the American continent to resign.Praggnanandhaa had lost three of his four games in the tournament, but he was brave enough to take the bait from Bachmann. In the process, he showed that blooming talent can give more cheer to spectators than the intellectual Grandmasters who believe in the concept that a drawn game is not a moral defeat.Playing against the Paraguayan GM, Praggnanandhaa dismantled the opposition’s pieces in a sequence of nine top-notch aesthetic moves (starting with the 10th move), which would have made any chess legend in the history of the game proud.

The Isle of Man chess championships – one of the toughest Open tournaments – was eventually won by Fabiano Caruana of USA (Elo 2813) with 7.5 points in nine games. He won over Michael Adams of England in the last round.