Banta also known as Goli Soda or Goti Soda (Goti = marble in Hindi) is a colloquial term for carbonated lemon or orange-flavoured soft drink popular in India. Banta has been selling since 1872, long before popular carbonated drinks arrived, the drink is often sold mixed with, lemon juice, crushed ice, ‘masala’, and kala namak (black salt) as a carbonated variants of popular lemonades shikanjvi or jal-jeera. It is available at price at street-sellers known as bantawallah, at prices ranging from ₹5 (7.9¢ US) – ₹30 (48¢ US).

Similar to ramune, a Japanese lemon drink, Banta is popular across North India especially capital Delhi. There, it is known as “Delhi’s local drink”, nimbu lemon soda or kanchay waali drink, especially in Old Delhi, and University and college campuses. In South India it is known as Goli Soda, due to the goli (marble) in neck of the bottle. The states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have a local variant, paneer soda.