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Only Active Volcano in India

  Barren Volcano is only active Volcano not only in India but in South Asia. It is located on Barren Island in Andaman Sea. It is part of Andaman Islands, but uninhabited by humans as latest eruption was in 2017… Continue Reading →

State animal of Maharastra

The Indian giant squirrel, or Malabar giant squirrel, (Ratufa indica) is a large tree squirrel species genus Ratufa native to India. It is a large-bodied diurnal, arboreal, and herbivorous squirrel found in South Asia. It is called ‘Shekru’ in Marathi… Continue Reading →

Asia’s oldest and longest Road

The Grand Trunk Road is one of Asia’s oldest and longest major roads. For more than two millennia, it has linked the eastern and western regions of the Indian subcontinent, connecting South Asia with Central Asia. It runs from Chittagong,… Continue Reading →

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